A Small Revolution in Diabetes Management

RapidCalc is proudly supported by GlucoMen in the UK and Ireland

Important Notice

We previously reported that Menarini Diagnostics s.r.l had acquired the worldwide rights to RapidCalc and that they had developed their own, enhanced version which was undergoing CE approval

Menarini are pleased to announce that CE approval has now been granted and that the new app, GlucoLog RapidCalc, will be launched in Europe in the next few weeks. The app will be free of charge and users outside of Europe should be able to connect to a European AppStore to download it. Detailed instructions for doing this can be found on the internet.

The new application shares the same core logic and configuration as the current RapidCalc app and existing users should be able to transfer to the new app without difficulty. More details are available on the Glucolog RapidCalc Website

As a result of the new launch the current version of RapidCalc will be withdrawn from the AppStore and support for the current app will cease with effect from 8th November 2021.

The report writer email service will continue until 30th April 2022. However, should you want to have your own copy of the Excel macro that is used to produce the reports please email me at ian.gillespie@gilport.com.

After more than 10 years we are very sad to be saying goodbye to our loyal users and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. We trust that the new Menarini application will continue to serve your needs in its place.

Best wishes,

Ian Gillespie & Bruce Alport

RapidCalc is a sophisticated bolus insulin dose calculator for diabetics following a basal-bolus regimen. With intelligent tracking of insulin on board, automatic carbohydrate ratio and blood glucose target selection, RapidCalc dramatically simplifies blood glucose management. Complete with basal dose recording, detailed history, charting and statistics features, RapidCalc is designed to be easy to use and easy to live with.

Insulin On Board Tracking

Can’t remember when or how much you last dosed? - Don't worry. RapidCalc avoids dose stacking by keeping track of your doses and factoring in insulin still remaining to act when calculating a suggested dose.

Automatic Target and Ratio Selection

RapidCalc supports up to 6 different target blood glucose levels, correction factors and carbohydrate ratios for different times of day and automatically selects the appropriate values when calculating a suggested dose.

Quick Data Entry and Dose Suggestion

Unique slide-and-tap controls let you enter your blood glucose and carbohydrate values quickly and easily. Simply drag the slider close to your value and then tap on the slider rail to make fine adjustments. As you adjust your values RapidCalc instantly calculates suggested meal and correction insulin doses.

Basal Dose Recording

RapidCalc makes it easy to record your basal or background insulin doses with preset dose amounts and reminders.

"Pumping without a pump"

RapidCalc delivers many of the benefits normally associated with an insulin pump and indeed users describe it as being like "pumping without a pump". Using RapidCalc along with correct basal insulin dosing it is possible to achieve control similar to that of a well set up pump.

Activity Based Dose Adjustment

Integrated dose adjustment for exercise based on intensity and duration as well as compensation for recent hypos or alcohol.

Log Book, Stats, Charting and Photographs

RapidCalc effectively replaces your log book with a full 90-day history of blood glucose readings, insulin doses and carbohydrate intake which can be exported via email for archive or analysis. Built-in charts and summary statistics help you assess your blood glucose control, identify trends and even estimate your HbA1c.

Always Available

After initial setup under the guidance of your healthcare professional, RapidCalc will always be at hand: quick, reliable and discrete, whenever and wherever you need it. No Wifi or 3G signal required.


  • Intelligent tracking of Insulin On Board
  • Suggested insulin dose based on blood glucose, carbs and IOB
  • Automatic target pre-meal blood glucose level selection
  • Automatic correction factor and carb ratio selection
  • Unique slide-and-tap input for quick data entry
  • Basal dose reminders
  • Clear, interactive controls with instant dose feedback
  • Charting of blood glucose readings and trend data
  • Summary statistics for glucose and carbohydrates
  • Estimated HbA1c based on average readings
  • 90-day rolling history
  • Backup and CSV export options via email
  • Integrated safety warnings and guidance
  • Choice of Carbohydrate ratio measure units
  • Choice of mmol/L or mg/dL blood glucose units
  • Choice of % or mmol/mol HbA1c units
  • Enter Carbs directly in grams or portion sizes of 10g, 12g or 15g
  • No Wifi or 3G connection needed

Safety Information

RapidCalc is intended for guidance only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always discuss use of the calculator with your diabetes educator or physician and only use personal settings agreed with them. If you are in any doubt as to the correct insulin dose always follow the advice of your healthcare professional.

What our users are saying..

"I love it... does everything but deliver the insulin... it changed my mind about buying a pump. I'm not going to... don't need it."
"For the first time in years I can be confident that my husband can go to bed and be safe knowing that by having a handle on insulin remaining to act he can eat appropriately, without over eating. I'm happy."
"This app literally does everything for you. It's very simple to use and, more importantly, it works!"
"At last, a piece of technology that actually makes my life simpler."
"Have used this app for 6 months now and it has resulted in great control. Went from an A1c of 6.6 to 5.3!"
"I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU you for this application. I'd virtually given up hope of finding a decent insulin dosing app that I could live with. Not only is my dosing now quicker and easier, but I've had less hypo's than ever since I started using it."
"I've been type I diabetic for over 30 years.Its a very well designed app, nice and easy to use and manages all the factors required to achieve excellent control of food and medication."
"A killer iPhone app for any type 1 diabetic."
"I have just been through a week long conference with all the challenges of activity changes and overeating at odd times with the best control ever thanks to RapidCalc. It really is so good!"
"A must have app for all diabetics - I've been using this app for a while now and I love it, it has really helped me with my blood sugar levels and has just made managing my diabetes easier and more fun."
"I've noticed a definite improvement in my blood glucose control. I'm also dosing less and snacking less. What more can you ask for?"
"When I went to bed last night my blood glucose was a bit high. Normally I would have dosed, but the calculator showed I had enough insulin on board to cover it. In the morning my blood glucose was spot on. I'm impressed!"